GREEVES 20T motorcycle

THE FIRST Greeves prototype motorcycles appeared in 1951; the company also made “invalid” cars. The first production models, launched in 1953, had novel features such as a distinctive castalloy beam in place of a downtube and headstock, and a rubber-in-torsion suspension system. These models included road, scramblers, and trials machines powered by the 197cc Villiers 8E single-cylinder two-stroke engine. This 20T trials model dates from 1955.

GREEVES 20T motorcycle
GREEVES 20T motorcycle
Capacity:197 cc
Power output:8.5 bhp (4000 rpm)
Weight:228 lb (103 kg)
Top speed:50 mph (80 km/h) (est.)
Country of origin:UK
Specifications GREEVES 20T motorcycle
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