The Most Influential Musicians of All Time to World

Roy Claxton Acuff

Roy Acuff was a pioneer in the development of country music-as a singer, fiddler, songwriter, and music publisher, and as the spiritual figurehead of the Grand Ole Opry. One of the best-loved figures in the genre, he was the first living person to be elected as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. […]

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Nathan Abshire

Nathan Abshire was a Cajun accordion player whose talent as a musician, vocalist, and songwriter, together with his amiable personality, made him a favourite with Cajun and non-Cajun audiences alike. His postwar recordings helped bring the accordion back to a position of prominence in Cajun music, and his songs captured the joys and sorrows that

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Claudio Abbado

The Italian conductor Claudio Abbado is one of the superstars of late 20th-century concert music-renowned for his work in both the concert hall and the opera house. He is an outstanding interpreter of operatic and modern music and works extensively with young musicians. Abbado was born on June 26, 1933, into a highly musical Milanese

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In the 1970s, Swedish pop group Abba replaced the BEATLES as the world’s most popular entertainers. They had extraordinary chart success, and their deceptively simple, slick (some would say bland) music, conceals their quite exceptional songwriting and production skills. Formed in 1972, Abba included Benny Andersson (b. December 1946), keyboards and synthesizer; Bjorn Ulvaeus (b.

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