HARLEY-DAVIDSON Hill Climber motorcycle

THE INGREDIENTS OF A hill-climb bike appear simple, even if the reality is a lot more complicated. The essential element is power, and in the case of this machine a methanol-burning eight-valve engine was enough in 1930 to make it a competitive bike.

A long wheelbase and weight at the front to prevent the bike from tipping over backward are both essential, as is grip, which is why this bike’s rear tire is wrapped in chains. These crude facts belie the level of expertise involved in handling these machines, and once again it was Joe Petrali who took the honors. Between 1932 and 1938, he won six national hill-climbing titles on a Harley.

Harley-Davidson Hill Climber motorcycle
Harley-Davidson Hill Climber motorcycle
Model:Harley-Davidson Hill Climber
Capacity:74 cu. in. (1213 cc)
Power output:Not known
Weight:350 lb (147 kg) (est.)
Top speed:Determined by chosen gearing
Country of origin:US
Specifications Harley-Davidson Hill Climber motorcycle
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