ABC motorcycle

THE ACE WAS DESIGNED by William G. Henderson after he left the Henderson company in 1919. The new machine followed the style of the Henderson, with the i.o.e. engine mounted in line with the wheels. There was a three-speed, hand-operated gearbox, and final drive was by chain.

ABC motorcycles side view
ABC motorcycles side view

The front forks were a typical leading-link construction, but the Ace was considerably lighter than its opposition. Production models became available for 1920. Henderson was killed in an accident in 1922 and was succeeded as designer by Arthur O. Lemon. Unfortunately, production came to a stop late in 1924 when the firm hit financial difficulties and was bought by Indian; it marketed an Indian Ace until 1928.

Capacity:398 cc
Power output:Not known
Weight:243 lb (110 kg)
Top speed:60 mph (96 km/h )
Country of origin:UK
Specifications ABC


On the ABC the cylinders are protected by the very widely splayed downtubes of the cradle frame. This also allows the use of an apron, giving some weather protection for the rider’s legs.

ABC motorcycles front view
ABC motorcycles front view
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