ADLER MB200 motorcycle

ADLER REENTERED THE MOTORCYCLE market in 1949 after a gap of over 40 years. The new machines were lightweight, two-stroke singles. In 1951 a 195cc twin was added to its expanding line. The new model was the M200. A 250 version was also produced from 1952. To achieve the 247cc capacity, the bore was expanded to 54 mm, which resulted in the classic two-stroke dimensions of 54 x 54 mm. Designers in Britain and Japan were heavily influenced by the bike’s design.

ADLER MB200 motorcycles side view
ADLER MB200 motorcycles side view
Model:Adler MB200
Capacity:195 cc
Power output:16 bhp (5590 rpm)
Weight:297 lb (135 kg)
Top speed:59 mph (95 km/h)
Country of origin:Germany
Specifications ADLER MB200


The twin had a 180° crankshaft with the clutch mounted on the left-hand end of the crank. Primary drive was by helical gear to a four-speed gearbox. The engine was mounted in a duplex cradle frame with plunger rear suspension.

ADLER MB200 motorcycles front view
ADLER MB200 motorcycles front view
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