AJS 350 G6 motorcycle

IN THE EARLY 1920S, AJS achieved legendary sports success with its o.h.v. 350s, winning the Junior TT for four straight years from 1920. It also won the Senior in 1921, despite the 150 cc capacity advantage of the opposition.

The factory racing machines of 1922 were nicknamed “big ports” because of the exceptional size of the bike’s exhaust port and the 2¼-in (57-mm) diameter exhaust pipe. Production models followed in 1923. The dimensions of the ports shrank for 1925 and 1926, as on this 1926 model, but returned to full size in 1927.

AJS 350 G6 motorcycle
AJS 350 G6 motorcycle
Model:AJS 350 G6
Capacity:349 cc
Power output:Not known
Weight:210 lb (95 kg)
Top speed:75 mph (121 km/h) (est.)
Country of origin:UK
Specifications AJS 350 G6
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