AERMACCHI Chimera 250 motorcycle

THE FUTURISTIC AERMACCHI CHIMERA caused a sensation when it was launched at the 1956 Milan show. Under the easily removable alloy and pressed-steel bodywork was some slick engineering. The o.h.v. engine had a horizontal cylinder and was available first in 175 and then 250cc capacities.

The frame was a tubular spine with rear suspension controlled by a single shock absorber mounted almost horizontally above the spine. Unfortunately the design was not a sales success, and it was only when the designer, Alfredo Bianchi, stripped away the bodywork and replaced the rear suspension with a conventional system that Aermacchi achieved sales and racing success.

AERMACCHI Chimera 250
AERMACCHI Chimera 250
Model:Aermacchi Chimera 250
Capacity:246 cc
Power output:16 bhp
Weight:Not known
Top speed:80 mph (130 km/h)
Country of origin:Italy
Specifications AERMACCHI Chimera 250
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