APRILIA RSV Mille R motorcycle

STANDARD MILLE WAS THE FIRST large capacity superbike from the upstart Italian company Aprilia when it was introduced in mid-1998. The more expensive R version, equipped with better quality suspension, appeared alongside the basic model in 2000, and both were given a substantial makeover the following year.

This is a 2001 model. The Mille is powered by a 60° V-twin engine, which is more compact than the 90° V-twin used by Ducati. This allows Aprilia to move the engine further forward for better weight distribution. A balancer shaft to reduce the vibration comes with the 60° configuration.

APRILIA RSV Mille R side view
APRILIA RSV Mille R side view

Quirky front

The distinctive three-reflector headlight is common to all Mille models, but the R version benefits from high-quality Öhlins suspension, lighter wheels, improved brakes, and an optional yellow color scheme.

APRILIA RSV Mille R front view
APRILIA RSV Mille R front view
Model:Aprilia RSV Mille R
Capacity:998 cc
Power output:112 bhp
Weight:403 lb (183 kg)
Top speed:174 mph (280 km/h)
Country of origin:Italy
Specifications Aprilia RSV Mille R
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