BENELLI 750 Sei motorcycle

THE SEI WAS AN ATTEMPT by Benelli’s new owner, Alessandro De Tomaso, to better high Japanese standards. Ironically, the engine was an almost-perfect copy of a fourcylinder, 500 cc Honda power unit, but with two extra cylinders grafted on. The alternator was mounted behind the cylinders in a rather futile attempt to reduce the engine’s width. Although prototypes appeared as early as 1972, production models did not reach the market until 1974. This is a 1976 model.

Benelli 750 Sei motorcycle
Benelli 750 Sei motorcycle
Model:Benelli 750 Sei
Capacity:748 cc
Power output:71 bhp (8900 rpm)
Weight:485 lb (220 kg)
Top speed:118 mph (190 km/h)
Country of origin:Italy
Specifications BENELLI 750 Sei motorcycle
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