FN Four motorcycle

INTRODUCED IN 1904, the FN was the first successful four-cylinder motorcycle. Designed by Paul Kelecom, the original design had shaft drive, magneto ignition, splash lubrication, and the benefits of the vibration-free, four-cylinder engine. It was one of the first serious attempts at an integrated design for a motorcycle rather than the usual bicycle-with-ngine-style machines of the period. The capacity of the original machine was 362cc, but by the time the 1907 model (shown here) was produced, it had increased. There were also other detail improvements.

FN Four
FN Four
Model:FN Four
Capacity:410 cc
Power output:Not known
Weight:Not known
Top speed:42 mph (68 km/h) (est.)
Country of origin:Belgium
Specifications FN Four motorcycle
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